Aadhaar: Indias Unique Identification System Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The case focuses on the performance of tasks of Nandan Nilekani, Chairman and Ram Sevak Sharma, Director General and Mission Director Uniform Identification Authority of India. India does not have a national accepted means of proving identity and, consequently, 42% of the population in the bottom of the pyramid had to resort to bribery access rights, while the network of false or multiple identities contributed to criminal diversion of public subsidies. UIDAI was asked to deliver a unique identification number to each Indian resident. This included the issue of a total of 1.2 billion unique identifiers to 2020 and interim targets 600 million UIDs by 2014 - the largest data management program in the world. The case, the problem of introduction of high vision, running on an epic project, technology and changes of consciousness in an unprecedented scale. It examines the forces, how to facilitate and frustrate change. It also examines the style of leadership and motivation Nilekani, and the transition to the skills required for the transition from a global organization operating in the Indian bureaucracy. "Hide
by Tarun Khanna, Anjali Raina Source: Harvard Business School 28 pages. Publication Date: January 11, 2012. Prod. #: 712412-PDF-ENG

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Aadhaar: Indias Unique Identification System

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