Open Leadership: New Paradigm Emerges Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In this interview, best-selling author and social media expert Charlene Li talks about the new openness, and the implications for leaders around the world. According to Lee, these include covers four goals of openness study, dialogue, support, and innovation. It describes every detail, and shows that just as there is a continuum of openness for the organizations, there are also open to the continuum of leaders. She describes four "archetypes openness and the specific challenges faced by each, as well as the need for each organization to define its" sandbox ". In the end, it shows that the leaders did not have full control over their customers and employees.; The fact that they have to give at the moment is the need to control the "Hide
by Charlene Li, Karen Christensen Source: Rotman School of Management / UOT 4 pages. Publication Date: January 1, 2012. Prod. #: ROT156-PDF-ENG

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Open Leadership: New Paradigm Emerges

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