Coca-Cola- Strategic Marketing Analysis Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Coca-Cola- Strategic Marketing Analysis Case Study Solution


The Coca-Cola selected for the analysis of strategic marketing in an organization is “Coca-Cola”. Coca-Cola is a beverage Coca-Cola, which provides diet and regular sparkling beverages. The Coca-Cola’s portfolio of brands include Diet Coca-Cola , Fanta , Sprite, Coca-Cola Zero, Vitamin water, Power Ade, minute Maid, simply and Georgia. It operates through seven segments: Eurasia&Africa, Europe, andLatin America, Asia Pacific, Bottling investments and Corporate. The Eurasia & Africa segment is engaged in supporting the 2020 vision, by delivering broad-based unit case volume growth, and delivered double digit volume growth for the year in the areas of East and Central Africa, the Middle East, North and West Africa, Southern Eurasia and turkey. The Europe segment is engaged in developing and implementing packaging and lower-cost First-timer buyer packaging and advancement in the energy drinks category. The Latin America segment attributes its growth from its FIFA world Cup program activation, expansion to other beverages categories, affordability strategies and accelerating market investment levels. The North America segment is engaged in building strong, value-creating brands by well-defined brands, price, and package and channel strategy. The Coca-Cola was founded by As a Griggs Candler in 1886 with Headquarters in Atlanta, GA.

My Role in Organization

I work in Coca-Cola as a marketing manager, my responsibilities are to manage the in-house and external strategies to generate market categories,consumer insight and to identify opportunities and exploit them. I am also intended to work with cross-functional teams, to develop winning and profitable marketing mix bundle.I am responsible to monitor the performance and executions, by setting and tracking KPIs.I also make sure to work closely with the on field teams.To manage and identify the new trends, opportunities, and work with R&D to know and analyze new trends and better solution s for packaging.(vrontis, 2003)


Before discussing the role of strategic marketing in Coca-Cola, let us have a brief overview on what actually is Strategic Marketing. Strategic marketing has been defined, as the management function responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably. Strategic marketing, is thus a philosophy and a set of techniques.Which addresses such matters as research, product design and development, pricing, packaging, sales and sales promotions. A modified definition of strategic marketing followed in Coca-Cola, is that marketing is a management process that seeks to maximize returns to shareholders, by creating a competitive advantage in providing, communicating and delivering value to customers.Thereby developing a long-term relationship with them. The role of strategic marketing in Coca-Cola is to develop strategies, build relationships of trust with customers, choosing the right customer (segmentation) and then creating competitive advantage in that particular market segment. Furthermore, the strategic marketing process consider on the long-term returns generated, by an organization through its effective marketing campaign held. Which in turn, would enable the organization to effectively introduce its new product, while it could also enhance the appeal of existing ones already introduced.While gaining and maintaining a sufficient share of the market, which could increase its profitability and revenue stream. Therefore, it can be evaluated that, efficient strategic marketing management play a vital role in the long-term success and survival in the highly diverse and competitive market, by incorporating effective strategic marketing strategies.  (Handlin, 2015)

The strategic marketing techniques of Coca-Cola speaks of its success today, sustaining in the market with great market share. The strategies that Coca-Cola used in order to build the competitive advantage are:

Coca-Cola- Strategic Marketing Analysis Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

  1. Unique market-tasted formula
  2. The timeless font Logo
  3. Distribution in property bottles
  4. High standard relationships with the retailors
  5. Word of mouth advertising

Unique Market-taste formula:

The Coca-Cola used a very precise set of strategic marketing tools to analyze the markets and to build a unique beverage, which people can distinguish among others beverages. For that the Coca-Cola conducted extensive surveys, as a part of effective strategy to identify the gaps in the markets, and look for opportunities in the already saturated market of US. The Coca-Cola removed the element of cocaine from its original Coca-Cola, yet it maintained other key ingredients in the drink which after the surveys and test launch people admired.

3.2 The Timeless Font:

It was the part of a well-designed strategic marketing, that the logo of Coca-Cola is imprinted in our minds, which can be identified even among thousands of beverages. The proper use of strategic management enabled the Coca-Cola, to decide that the logo of the Coca-Cola should remain untouched. It is because in the long-run people will distinguish Coca-Cola from other beverages on the uniformity of its logo.

Distribution of own-designed bottles:

The Coca-Cola decided to create a unique bottle design,which can be distinguished among other beverages and can create the individuality among others. For that the Coca-Cola used plastic bottle, which it made partnering and copyright the design with the bottle Coca-Cola.Over here, Strategic marketing enabled the higher management, to create uniqueness of the product even if the product is a commodity.

High Standard Relations with Retailors:

It was the main role of strategic marketing,which enabled the Coca-Cola to know the value of its retailors in generating sales and individuality of the product. The Coca-Cola maintained excellent strong relationships with the key retailors, to ensure that they prefer and promote their product among others present in store.(Richards, 2013).....................

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