Coral Divers Resort (Revised) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The owner of a small operation in the Bahamas diving revaluation of its strategic directions in the light of declining revenues. Among the changes discussed shark diving, scuba diving family, exit and move operations elsewhere in the Caribbean. These options are not easily combined, and they are not thin. Case is designed to provide work on the relationship between the organization's strategy and performance, and how changes in strategy will significantly influence the organization. The case also highlights the importance of understanding the demographic change, as part of the environmental analysis. (Nine minutes of video can be purchased with this case, video 7B08M041.) «Hide

coral divers resort case solution

coral divers resort case solution

by Paul Beamish, Kent E. Neupert, Andreas Schotter Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 19 pages. Publication date: April 18, 2008. Prod. #: 908M41-PDF-ENG

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Coral Divers Resort (Revised)

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