Saskatchewan Provisional Park Campsite Management and Reservation System Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Question 1

The current reservation system of Saskatchewan Provincial Park has affected the abilities and competences of Park Services to efficiently deliver the number of services to the campers on time. It did not allow the Park Services to analyze the data that can be used in order to provide the higher quality of services to the campers. The Park Services needs greater amount of data that they can used to upgrade and standardize Saskatchewan Provincial Park. However, current reservation system failed to provide Park Services with such type of information that allowed them to improve and meet the expectation of the camper by making modifications according to their needs.

The current system also did not align with the business and organizational strategies of Park Services as it is unsuccessful to provide the scope of data that is required by its manipulator to evaluate the key problems that help to make alternative choices related to developing their services.

For campers, current system allows making online campsite reservation by providing essential information in advance at particular campgrounds. The current system is not user friendly and has frustrated many clients due to its first come first served basis as many clients think that their requests are not reaching reservation request queue. The campers’ face difficulties while making reservations for the campsites due to the large amount of time taken for making reservation and also they are paying penalty for applying online.

Curhane wants to improve the overall process and quality of reservation as the current system contains operational limitation and also provides limited information that is required to improve the services for tourist and campers. Curhane wants to improve the reservation process speed as well as payment process for clients and also enhance the workflow for the staff members. The overall objective of Curhane is to create superior database system with the help of which Park Services can better understand the needs of the clients that can further be used to improve the campground services and provisional park system.

Question 2

There are several things that need to be changed in order to move from the current system to an ideal system. Firstly, it is important to develop an efficient flow of information among the provisional park and its campground that allows evaluating the needs of the campers and tourists. Secondly, decentralized decision making at the organizational level also needs to be change in order make centralize decision making. This will make the decision making and communication more efficient among the provisional parks as well as keep all the members to keep focus on achieving vision by having more control over the business operations.

Thirdly, strong connectivity among provisional parks and within their campground is required for efficient resources allocations in all the parks of Saskatchewan that is necessary for ideal reservation system. Moreover, there is also a need of capacity enhancement for campsite reservation for making a system an ideal and also hiring of experienced and knowledgeable works. Finally, integration of business processes, organizational objectives as well as performance of park personnel’s also need to be modified as it is lacking in the current reservation system in order to achieve the value of an idea system.

Question 3

Problems with current System

  • Poor telecommunications and data connectivity problems between the provisional park and campground sites.
  • Bugs related problems and current reservation system is not support by ITO.
  • Administrator of ROS (Reservation Operating System) is able to identify which employee needs additional training.
  •  Ineffective and inappropriate protocols for collection of client data.
  • The multiple data bases that exist in each provisional park of Saskatchewan contain different identifiers.
  •  The current reservation system also limits the abilities of Park Services to gather data in an accurate manner.
  • However, PC that is supporting the current system is not compactable with the networks of ITO.
  • Operational problems that limit the improvement of services for tourist and campers.
  •  Problems related to making online payments.
  • Decentralized decision making is also impacting services that are providing to the clients with the current reservation system.
    The problems are ranked on the basis of their difficulty level. 1 means high difficulty which makes it less difficult to solve the problem, while lowest ranking mean less difficulty in solving.......................

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