Coppersea: Emergence of the Microdistillery Movement Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

By spring, 2013, a microdistillery had beenoperating for time not exceeding a year. Coppersea, located in the Hudson Valley in New York, created handcrafted spirits using a distinctive procedure predicated on techniques scarcely used over prior 300 years. The founders had coined the term Heritage-Methods distilled to illustrate their procedure.

The development of the microdistillery movement and, especially, the founding of Coppersea, is covered in the case along with its handcrafted approach to spirits, and its particular focus on credibility. The case considers whether Coppersea was actually capable to shift priorities and make the commitments a venture would need while a venture with Wilson Daniels appeared to offer an alternative to the incredibly complex world of booze distribution in the United States. Further, it raises questions as to whether the attractiveness of credibility would be impacted.


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Coppersea: Emergence of the Microdistillery Movement

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