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Conflict basically refers to some form of friction, discord, disagreement which arises within a group when the actions or beliefs of one or more members of the group either resist or does not accept the decision of the other group member. Conflict basically arises between members of either the same group which is called as the inter group conflict.

Conflict can even occur between members of different groups which are called as the inter group conflict. It is a fact that conflict can arise between various parties which creates issues, disagreements, scarcity of resources. Mostly, conflict is a negative thing, which hinders the growth, future, and overall progress of a group working on a specific project (Coates, 2013).

It is sometimes the difference of opinion, which leads to conflicts. However, with the negatives of conflicts it does have various advantages also. Conflicts lead to improved performances. The groups try to outclass one another which eventually help the organization and the group. Therefore, conflict can be a positive and a negative aspect (Salin, 2010).

Conflict management is basically a practice of being able to actually identify and also handle conflicts sensibly, efficiently and fairly. Basically conflicts in businesses have become a natural part of the workplace. It is important that conflicts have to be handled in a rather efficient and effective manner (Gomez-Mejia, 2008).

Overview of the organization

Maersk Group, which is also known as Maersk is basically a Danish business conglomerate. The Maersk Group has been involved in various activities in various business sectors, where its basic business has been involved in most of the energy and transportation sector. The company has been one of the largest container ship operator and supply vessel operator in the world.

Maersk Group has been operating from Copenhagen, Denmark. Its subsidiaries and offices have been operating in more than 135 countries. Moreover, it has more than 89,000 employees worldwide. As per the Forbes Global, Maersk has been listed at number 142 in terms of profits and revenues.

Along with this, Maersk Line has been a global container and marine division, which is also the largest operator under A.P. Moller, Maersk Group. The company employees 7,000 seafarers and it also has almost 25,000 land based people. The company has more than 600 vessels and a total capacity of 2.6 million. The company has been operating since the year 1928.

The Maersk Group has also been one of the largest shipping companies. It is also involved in a wide range of different activities, which include the logistics, shipping and the oil and gas industries.

The company has been offering continuously less cost and has been constantly looking to increase the efficiency of the company. The company has been quite committed in providing a safe and sound work atmosphere. Moreover, Maersk has been a customer oriented organization which has worked upon its businesses. Along with this, the company has rather profitable, sustainable and has been able to achieve sustainable growth.

In the year 2006, it is the largest container ship in the world. Maersk has been constantly looking to introduce more vessels and containers in its product line which has made it one of the biggest and largest container companies in the world. In the year 2012, Soren Skou became the chief operating officer for the company Maersk. The company ever since its start has looked to integrate successful marketing, management, business strategies within the business to become one of most successful marine cruise organization in the world.

Conflict Management Strategy Paper Case Solution

Overview of current conflict management structure

Maersk as stated above has been one of the largest cruise lines in the world. Moreover, it has employees across all the countries worldwide. The company since being one of the largest firms faces quite a few issues in terms of employees’ issues which are sometimes inter group and sometimes inter group. The conflicts are basically due to difference of opinion, cultural differences, etc. Therefore, the company has been quite proactive and keen to resolve all kinds of issues in a rather efficient and sustainable manner (Coates, 2013).

The different types of conflicts that have occurred at Maersk have sometimes been a positive induction for the firm, and sometimes they have become a major cause of conflicts, growth and productivity. Therefore, the company has been quite proactive and efficient in terms of handling the conflicts. The conflict management strategy that has been used by the company is compromising (Salin, 2010)...........

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