Coming Era of Brand in the Hand Marketing Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The increasing popularity of mobile handheld devices opens up intriguing new possibilities for what the authors call "brand in the hand" marketing. Because people can be, and often related, at any time and in any place, mobile marketing can be used to collect data through wireless Internet access, not only to determine the exact location of the customer at any given time, but also because the person may be there. With this information, the more important or relevant advertisements or promotions can be delivered to the consumer on the mobile device. For the companies to rush into this new arena of marketing, however, they need to understand some fundamental questions. As mobile marketing is different from traditional approaches? When a company needs to hold the brand in the hands of the initiative? Is mobile marketing should be integrated into the overall marketing strategy, and if so, how? In addition, as the companies address the privacy issues? This is of particular concern, in particular, due to the personal nature of mobile devices. "Hide
on FAREENA Sultan, Andrew Rohm Source: MIT Sloan Management Review 10 pages. Publication Date: September 1, 2005. Prod. #: SMR190-PDF-ENG

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Coming Era of Brand in the Hand Marketing

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