Comcast Corporation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Comcast Corporation Case Solution

Comcast was a largest cable and internet provider in US. The company was offering wide range of cable packages from limited basic service to full digital subscription. However, the company was facing immense challenge after the initiative taken by Home Box Office (HBO) that subscribers would have access to HBO’s TV shows on Apple devices without paying for a cable subscription. However, the U.S TV industry was highly fragmented, as most of the U.S broadcast and cable television industry generated revenues from TV subscription. Furthermore, most of the consumers purchased TV subscriptions from cable operators and satellite companies in addition to this, most of the consumers also access the TV shows and content through internet.

By applying 3C’s of marketing, the customers, competitors and corporation would be easily determined. The customers for Comcast Cable services were ordinary households whereas, for its internet services homes and business were its main customers. Moreover, Comcast provides its customers wide range of packages as well as On Demand services of cable Television.

However, the competitors for Comcast in the cable industry were Cox and Charters. On the other hand, Comcast were competing in the internet service industry on the basis for downloading speed and prices. Comcast competed in the industry with other major companies such as AT&T and Verizon. In addition, Google Fiber was also offered internet services at faster speed which has become the major competitor for Comcast. However, Comcast as corporation has developed its market among its competitors with over $64.7 billion revenues. Its business profile included cable television, internet services, voice-over-protocol, and content production. Moreover, by 2015, Comcast accounted $41.8 billion revenues in its cable business.

The Comcast segmentation strategy was divided into broadcast TV segment, cable network and internet service segment. The company’s target market was the U.S household consumers and business. Furthermore, the company’s positioning strategy was to provide wide range of channel access to it subscribers and to provide them with the high speed of internet services.

Moreover, by applying the marketing mix factors; the company’s overall strategy of marketing would be identified. The company’s was engaged in the service provider business therefore, its core business services (product) were cable and internet services within the U.S. market. The company was providing its services through various packages and was also offered targeted packages such as sports and foreign language programming.

The Comcast pricing strategy was based on bundling under which the company sold two types of bundles such as television content and services. The content bundles included basic cable channels, broadcast networks and premium cable channels.  The company’s service bundles were included television, internet services, and wireless voices. In addition to this, the company introduced several other bundles as well such as it offered a bundle which included internet service and channel (HBO) subscription for $40 to $50.  Comcast Corporation provides its services to almost all over the states of U.S. the company had acquired greater market share in the U.S. market. The company was operating in a service industry which projected high advertising and promotional expenditures. The company was offering different packages in order to capture the consumer’s attentions.

Furthermore, the challenging situation for Comcast occurred after the announcement of HBO’S new service HBO now. This was due to the reasons that the company had grown at the rate of 6% in the last five years which was much lower as compared to the Comcast. However, HBO had positioned itself in the market as the high quality original content provider.....................

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