Anja Bremmer’s Influencing Challenge Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Anja Bremmer's Influencing Challenge Case Solution

Situation Assessment

Genizome is a pharmaceutical company that was formed as a result of mergers and acquisitions in 1990s. It has recently adopted the structure of global function from the structure of country head. The employees thus, increased to 80,000 with expansion in 120 countries. The division lines had to report to corporate heads despite of country heads.  The division heads soon analyzed that there is a need of establishing a way particular way of business because there were many dissimilarities in the divisions of Genizome due to geographical difference.

The CIO of Genizome, Alex Gordesky was concerned about the harmonization of various divisions within the organization. Hence, he found a need to establish core team for Best Practices Sharing (BPS). In order to formulate the team, Gordesky used the efficient IT manager of the company, Anja Bremmer. She scheduled different discussions on the purpose of proposing Best Practices Sharing and also discussed the major requirement for structuring the team. Hence, Anja was able to develop a charter for the project of Best Practices Sharing. Anja asked permission to develop the core team of Best Practices Sharing herself. However,Gordesky denied her request because he believed that the divisions should select their best employees in order to formulate good policies for the Best Practices Sharing. Anja did not argue and gave her best regards for the team selection and the project development. Anja met and discussed the alignment for her first move,whichwas meeting with all of the team members.

Challenges faced by Anja

Anja faced several challenges throughout the first meeting. She interviewed the different team members who were going to be part of the core team of Best Practices Sharing (BPS). After the team members, she found many difficulties in order to meet their goals. These difficulties are:

  • The very first issue for which Anja was concerned, was the opinion of the Mary Knowles who was the Marketing Project Leader in Diagnostics. She accused Anja of not not performing well to carry the project of Best Practices Sharing (BPS).
  • Another problem that Anja found was the behavior of Finance Analyst of Research & Development Department of Gerizome, Andreas Gott. The behavior of Andreas during interview was unpredictable. He was busy with email on his phone and he seemed to fall as leep while using her mobile phone. Hence, it was very suspicious to continue the project with a person who least interested with regards to the meetings for development of plans for Best Practices Sharing (BPS) and implementation plans for the project as well.
  • Anja faced another issue related to Mary and Thomson. Thomson was the external consultant who worked with the Gerizome several times in past. He previously worked with Mary as well. Hence, it was a threat for Anja that they both can create troubles during project for her. She was already confused due to Mary’s opinions about her and now she had to face hurdles from Thomson as well because of his association with Mary.
  • Another member of team was Toshi Shimano who was the Production Engineer of Pharmaceuticals. He was with the team from Tokyo, while project members held meeting in Germany. Hence, he was on the speakerphone when Anja was interviewing him. The conversation was not effective because of the unclear conversation between them. Toshi was not able to grip the sentences or ideas about the project that Anja wanted to discuss.....................
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