Shareholder Activists at Friendly Ice Cream (A1) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The A1 and A2 variants of the "Shareholder Activists at Friendly Ice Cream (A)" carve the first A case into two parts. The A1 case ends as Phil Cooley and activists Sardar Biglari prepare to assemble with the CEO Don Smith at Friendly's headquarters in September of year 2006. The A2 case recommence the story only after the assembly and substantiate Biglari's and Friendly's actions from that point onwards. The A1 and A2 cases are supplied for teachers who wish more flexibility in the teaching plan. These cases abridge or usually do not omit any advice found in the A case that is first. Two activist investors, one a hedge fund manager and one a creator, seek to improve board supervision at a chain restaurant company. In the year 1979 they sold the business and retired.

In the year 2000, Blake became anxious that Friendly's CEO, who possessed approximately 10% of Friendly and also owned a bigger percent of another restaurant company, was switching expenses between the businesses in a way harmful to Friendly investors, but personally advantageous to the CEO. In 2003, Blake filed a suit against the company and the CEO. In the year 2006, Sardar Biglari, a hedge fund manager who had invested in Favorable, entered into dialogues with Friendly for him to connect with the board of directors to assist in enhancing the management of the business. When these negotiations failed, Biglari found a proxy fight in 2007 against Friendly. They selected different strategies and operated independently while these two activist investors shared similar goals.

Shareholder Activists at Friendly Ice Cream (A1) case study solution

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Shareholder Activists at Friendly Ice Cream (A1)

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