Cherries With Charm: Turkeys Alara Agri Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and owner of Alara Agri, major Turkish producer of cherries and figs, wants to convince retailers in Belgium and Germany (and later in other parts of Europe) to change the cherries with the bulk product of higher product is packaged in a luxury small bags for carrying. The transition from bulk to small packages has been very successful in the UK, where retail minimize losses and improve margins. German and Belgian retail resisting change, arguing that the high sensitivity to the price of their consumer base. General considers that he needs a detailed marketing plan test to offer selected retailers. "Hide
by Michael R. Pearce, Jordan Mitchell Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 20 pages. Publication Date: June 25, 2009. Prod. # 909A19-PDF-ENG

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Cherries With Charm: Turkeys Alara Agri

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