Casa Transitoria: Betting on Women to Reduce Poverty Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The United Nations' Millennium Development Goals characterized a global obligation to cut in half the inhabitants residing in extreme affliction, and sprogress the lives of children and women universally. In the year 2012, about 16 million people were represented by the residents dwelling in the extreme poverty in Brazil. Several successful initiatives during the Lula government radically improved the lot of the poor in Brazil. Casa Transitoria is state of Sao Paulo, a charity situated in the Valley of Paraiba, whose principal goal is to supply expectant moms with comprehensive long term support. Migration, urbanization, and societal dislocations have resulted in the creation of slums around large Brazilian cities.

Casa Transitoria is surrounded by the non-profit associations committed to transforming their economic and social prospects and alleviate the obscurity of these families. The charity has been recognized as one of many best-managed nonprofit organizations in the country. Meanwhile, adjusting to a fresh set of conditions, both at the degree of the populations served, subsequent to 40 years of service beneath the leadership of its original team, the organization must face the challenging procedure for sequence and its particular volunteer work force.


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Casa Transitoria: Betting on Women to Reduce Poverty

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