Cascades Tissue Group: Sustainable Growth? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In October 2006, Ms. Suzanne Blanchet, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cascades Tissue Group (CTG), was pondering how much weight should be given to products sold under the CTG brand compared to those sold under providers' or retailers' private labels.

The 4th biggest tissue paper producer in North America, CTG was undoubtedly one of the four sections of Cascades Inc.: a giant in the Canadian pulp and paper industry. The provider and retailer private label market offered an alluring prospect for amplifying, but at the expense of CTG's own brands, which were economically viable.

Nevertheless, developing a brand required to keep up resources and investments, notably in marketing, which CTG's plant managers were still disinclined to support. Also, her decision had to take into account the opportunities and hazards related to the arrival of producers from emerging nations.


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