Carleton Fire Department Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Carleton Fire Department Case Study Solution


The performance of Carleton fire dept. in term of prevention is close to Medium level as it represents (10.68) which is higher than the lower limit of (7.24). There fore Carleton needs to further improve its operations in this area. Whereas the average of Alamo County is very better mainly because they have volunteers to do the task of firefighting they are more aware and trained to handle such situations before they get out of control. Carleton can increase the number of their fire engine. Also, increased number of fire alarms could be useful. And would create more awareness among the public about the causes of fire eruption.


Its performance is at a medium level. The loss of property in terms of market value caused by the fire is relatively close to upper limit, therefore, the performance of the Carleton Fire Department is low. The figure shows that the loss to property caused by the fire is at a moderate level by there is enough room for improvement. Out of per 100,000 civilians, 35,710 were either dead or had suffered injuries due to the fire.The figure in Exhibit 1 represents it is a very alarming situation as the performance below the lower level. The injuries per 100 fires also represent a very bad average and it also below the lower level. Firefighter death and injury average is considerably better than the average and represents a high performance.

Level of effort

Expenditure per capita apparently seems quite better as it’s even below the lower level (0.84<1.07) apparently it shows that the performance is at a high level, but this can also be interpreted the other way around as they hardly manage to reach all site where fire had erupted if this would be the reason for lower expenditure than it would be a bad sign, similarly expenditure per market value of property also shows relatively low cost this could likely be linked with the expenditure per capita expenditure.

Productivity Measures

The total cost of firefighting expenditure per capita is low this is a positive indicator that the average is pretty good it’s even lesser than average low level but if we look it in combination with a number of fires prevention it shows that only 10.68% of the fire cases were set off. There fore this cost only represents 10% of fire set off if the number of prevention increases the cost would become very high, and the average would also increase.

Additional information to support the data

A number of the year are missing, means we have no idea about the number of years data we have, whether it’s a current data or of previous years.

The comparison would be much better if a similar size fire department would also available. Alamo County is also in the same sector but its size is relatively small.

What do you think of the qualifications that Chief Talbot has introduced into the discussion? How would you respond to the comments by the city council member?

Introduction of Qualification by Chief Talbot

The Chief Talbot highlighted some of the issues that the Charleton fire department has facing; he also acknowledged that in some area their performance is not good & they need to bring changes there, but he also identified the deficiencies, the lack of resources and those that are available but are not being properly allocated. He also explained why low cases of fire encounter in the county as the size of the county is considerably smaller when compared with the city, the city is densely populated as compared with county, therefore, it is understood that the cases of fire will also be high, also the infrastructure is getting gold leading to higher risk of fire.

Comments by City Council Members

City council member were not very much satisfied with the argument, and they are of the view that the resources are well-enough to fulfill the needs of a city like this, they also pointed some averages like the loss of civilian during fire, damage or loss to property and trying to establish a connection of all this with total cost spend by the Charleton Fire Department. They also quoted that considering themselves wise by saving a penny in terms of total cost & spend pound by causing damage to property, sacrificing lives of people is an act of foolishness. It also causes an in compensable emotional cost to a citizen who loses their homes..................

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