Brand Revitalizing and Brand Reinforcement: The Case of Arrow Shirts in the Indian Context Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Cultural Dimensions for Arrow

The two cultural dimensions that have influenced Indian consumer response to the Arrow shirts marketing strategy are the Pragmatism and Indulgence. Basically the current or the recent brand strategy of Arrow in India has been lifestyle. The company has been offering formal and informal casual dressing. The brand has revamped itself or repositioned itself by changing its focus from being a formal shirt to causal ones and sportswear also.  With respect to Pragmatism, Arrow has to deal with the strong cultural preference of the Indian society which is rather stereotypical culture which follow others for the decisions and basically are inspired by others. With respect to Indulgence, the attribute or the feature of Arrow as a trendy apparel wear has been focused on the different dimensions of the industry. People in India are inclined towards the cultural preference and look to rely on the culture theme.

Arrow Marketing Mix

The recommended marketing mix for Arrow in India should be that the company should look to offer different products for the Indian economy. For example, the prime focus of Arrow should be on formal shirts for men, while it should also introduce more colors and different designs for youngsters and teenagers. Women apparel should also be launched on the international standards. The pricing strategy based on the intense completion in the industry should be price skimming strategy where the company should look to offer products at slightly higher prices that are slightly higher than the normal priced products. Secondly, it should look to compete with brands such as Louis Philippe & Van Heusen. The places where it should be made available can include all the retail outlets and malls to actually make Arrow available throughout the country and in every city. The promotion of the revamped Arrow brand should be done through social media activation. The company should develop Facebook, Twitter, and etc pages to attract more customers in the future.

“Analyzing the impact of consumer brand perception on brand positioning”

Impact of consumer brand perception on brand positioning

The impact of consumer brand perception on brand positioning by the company is actually a two way concept. Companies or the marketers try to land the brand on the same page where the brand perception in the minds of the customer is on the same wave length as the brand positioning. The ideal situation for any company is that the perception and positioning are directly proportional. This scenario actually gives the company the edge over competitors because eventually all marketing tactics generally succeed as the customers are provided with the objective of their preference. On the other hand, marketers have the luxury and liberty to work upon other marketing and branding attributes once the customer and the company are on the same page.



The brand personality based on the consumer perception presented in the case suggests that Arrow is a competence brand personality. The reason it is kept in the competence part of the brand personality because of the fact that Arrow is considered as a masculine, reliable, consistent and responsible brand in the consumer mind. As per the exhibit presented in the case, the factors which made it quite clear that Arrow stands as a competent brand is because of the following factors that have been rated quite high by the consumers. Arrow is rated 4 by the customers on being able to provide superior quality at the price which no other brand offers. Basically Arrow has been trying significantly to remain a competitive brand in spite of the competition in the Indian market.

This actually makes Arrow a reliable brand which serves with consistency. Along with this, Arrow is not a very cheap brand, but whatever the price it charges is quite reasonable because eventually it matches the fabric quality and the service along with the stitching. As per consumer perception, Arrow is a brand they will recommend others; therefore, it is simple that the brand has lived upon the customer expectations quite effectively. Along with this, the colors offered by the apparel brand are quite large in number. This attribute again convinces the marketer to place Arrow as a competent brand personality. The availability attribute is also rated at the maximum because Arrow as a brand is available throughout the country.

Louis Philippe


The brand personality of Louis Philippe is sincerity. The reason is placed as a sincere brand because Louis Philippe has always delivered to the customer’s expectations. The brand has actually lived up to the promises of the customers in a positive manner. The brand in the Indian market is considered as kind, thoughtful and warm...............................

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