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Capstone Proposal Case Study Solution


The role of the managers around the world for the management of the remote workforce because of the novel coronavirus, is evident and could not be ignored as the managers are engaged in designing a remote-working policy to ensure that the current policies work to deliver desirable outcomes. For many employers as well as employees, teleworking is perceived to be favorable due to a number of benefits offered by it, which includes; fewer distraction, an increased productivity and flexibility, but it might not be an optimal choice for everyone. The prominence of communicating in the telework environment in the response of the deadly disease – coronavirus, is the reminder that the technology could assist the employers of the organizations to manage several risk and threats, for example: teleworking allows the organizations to lower the degree of risk of losing productivity due to catastrophic or regular traffic disruption.Due to the idiosyncrasies of running the business operations virtually; it is significantly fundamental for the virtual leaders to understand the role of technology.The computer mediated technology has become fundamental medium of communication with the passage of time. In addition to this, it has facilitated an online business environment and virtual business environment for many periods.


While communication is quite necessary for the managers, it has become of paramount importance when working in the teleworking environment – not only in terms of conducting impromptu meetings and documenting decisions, but also to reach out to the members of the team. In accordance to the study outlined in the Harvard Business Review, it is stated by 46 percent remote workers that the best managers were those, who  checked in regularly and frequently.(Wingard, 2020).

In the uncertain as well as fast moving situations, many managers of the multiple organization all around the globe, are facing challenges in conducting impromptu meeting with the employees and communicating with them throughout the crisis. The managers need to acts as a leaders and make employees well-informed through posting information in a highly visible location,regularly. The location could be the company’s intranet, virtual – email, Facebookchannel or Slacks.

There are various ways through which the managers of the organizations could conduct animpromptu meeting in the telework environmentand allow the team members to read the emotions of one another and help to boost the morale and productivity. Additionally, the alternative means of communicating with employees in the telework environment, improves the decision making by brining alternatives voices into the conversation more fruitfully as well as allowing them to debate ideas more efficiently and effectively.(Matviak, 2020).

The managers of the organization couldswitch to real time and better media to conduct  impromptu meeting,which includes: virtual facetime, Skype, web chats and video conferencing. The facetime could be used for personal as well as professional purposes, which could be used for communicating with up to 32 people. All of these tools could be used by the managers of any organization, as it allows the teams members to have an increased understanding and mutual knowledge, and reduces the sense of isolation among the employees.

For the video check in meeting, the managers can use video conferencing which calls for the establishment of the rules of employees’ engagement. Another way of communicating with employees in the telework environment is Google Hangout, which is focused on the video conferencing and business solutions, under the name Hangouts Meet. Furthermore, Zoom video conferencing software allows a free options for up to 100 participants. In addition to this, the is an online meeting and free screen sharing software, which allows the managers to customize the meeting background,and allows smooth communication and collaboration between participants.

In addition to this, the Microsoft Teams is a robust way of conducting the impromptu meeting with the employees, as it tends to bring the employees together for video meeting, chat, audio calling into one hub, which is very useful for teamwork. Additionally, it is the persistent chat based platform for communication and collaboration among employees, with useful feathers, such as: online meeting,document sharing and many other useful features for business communication.

Another recommended online meeting tool is the DingTalk,through which the managers of an organization could conduct impromptu meetingthrough gathering tens of people in an online room as well as sharinghis screen with other employees. It is globally used tool that ensures smooth communication and collaboration.

The move to the home based working is one of the great opportunities for the employees to revisit the basics for the purpose of assuring that everyone understands the objectives of the team and their individualistic roles. Coronavirus as a disruptive event thatpersuades the organizations to generate competing and new tasks across the business. In a consequence, the managers of the organizations need to clarify the goals and objectives at the individual and team level, in order to stay focused on the key priorities. It is natural for the employees working from home to feel isolated, lonely and disconnected, which lowers the engagement and productivity. The manager are responsible to conduct impromptu meeting to employees or team on track. Under these circumstances, the managers are required to become exclusively task focused. They should make time for the personal collaboration and interaction, to address these challenges................................


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