SoFi Company Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

SoFi Company Case Solution

Introduction & the Company Analysis

The report talks about the analysis of Sofi Company, who they are? What they do offer to its customers? And what revenue model they adopt? The name of the company is basically the short form of Social Finance. By combining “So” of social and “Fi” of finance, the name SoFi emerges in the year 2011 which was founded by the team of graduates of Stanford Graduate School of Business. The significant members of the team include Mike Cagney, Dan Macklin, Ian Brady, and James Finnigan.

With the help of the new and innovative ideas, the team started a modern finance company by considering an easy for customers approach towards lending as well as wealth management. The company with the help of striving efforts of the team members succeeded in achieving its name for customer’s solution better than its competitors in the market. The major key to its success lies in its extremely low rates for offering which has not yet offered by any other competitor.

This major factor has actually switch the preferences of moving towards the impersonal loans from the other financial institution towards a long term relationship with which they could be able to gain the full return on the investor’s investment. The company is able to provide a range of solutions for its customers including the refinancing option for their student loan, financial advisory services, mentoring for choosing the optimal career plan, as well as helping the customer in meeting their financing needs of either buying their own home or their car.

The team members of the company constantly review their current standing and try to meet their pre designed mission and vision. In addition to this, the company also emphasizes on their after sales services by reviewing the feed backs from their customers. The overall company is backed up by the senior leading ventures as well as other institutional investors which are the key players for the company’s success. The major players include the Soft Bank, Peter Theil, Third Point Ventures, Discovery, Baseline Ventures and the CEO of Renren, Mr. Joe Chen. Lets study in detail, the major solutions, SoFi offer for its customers.

The idea for the business was generated for the students that are obligated to pay off their student loans for their higher studies. By keeping the rates very low and affordable, SoFi is generally the first attracted option for its customers than its competitor.

Student Loan Refinance Analysis

The first and the foremost solution offered by the company is also the mission of the company. The company offers the lowest rate of 2% for those students who are looking to finance their higher education. In order to ease the students to repay their loans, the company offers both the fixed as well as variable rates option. In addition to this, the term period offered by the company varies from 5 years to about 20 years period which significantly reduces their burden. The company provides the online solution with which the students can make the application for a loan and make the respective payments easily.

The company unlike its other competitors in the industry does not charge any kind of fees from its customers. While the other competitors charge fees for application, pre-payment, origination and other fees for attaining the loan for higher studies of education.

Educational. Support for the Students

The company offers a huge amount of educational stuff for its customers which could significantly help them in meeting their debt obligation easily which could also help in relaxing the burden in the minds of students, in addition to this, the student would also be provided with rich amount of stuff for applying for their jobs with the help of SoFi Company...............

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