Final Exam Essay Portion Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Question 1

 Part a

Minnetonka Corporation had an objective as per his history of continuous exploration and identification of new product opportunities before its competitors did. This is the main fact which did not restrict it to explore other opportunities and emphasized on only single product line.

For continuous exploration and identification of new product, Minnetonka Corporation had adopted the different strategies in order to enhance their growth and expand their business as well. Those strategies are Market penetration on its core product line of soap, product development and market development to spread its cost and maximize its revenue to the different product lines. Also, these strategies secure its new product lineup with patents and licensing.

In the early years, the company was successfully earning stable profit streams in core value product “Soap” until the competition in that industry became immense after the arrival of big names, like Procter & Gamble and American brands in the soap industry.However,the strategy they was adopted was the aggressive pricing strategy against,whereas Minnetonka had adopted market penetration strategy. Due to the higher reputation and lower prices product, (Market Penetration) the company was still a market leader in that industry despite of declining profits.

Moreover, Minnetonka started to expand its business through new product lines. There are four expansion phases of the company. The first phase of the company was the development of its core product, the second phase comprised of soft soaps and liquid soaps with market penetration strategy. In the third phase, the tooth paste industry was analyzed and the checkup gum was introduced.Moreover,in the fourth phase entering in the fragrance industry through a product name “Obsession” and later another with a name “Eternity” a highly profitable product for the company having both mass and prestige marketing opportunities available.

Part (b)

Minnetonka Corporation wanted to shift its mass marketing concept to class, which indicates that the company wanted to target an oligopoly market as niche filler. For this purpose he analyzed and decided to divest its soft soap, sesame Street, Village Bath& checkup gum businesses by selling them and wanted keep its fragrance and cosmetics lineup.

The time was right for the company to sell those businesses because those products were standardized and easy to imitate. Moreover, it was facing intense competition due to which margins from those were lower and the company found the fragrance and cosmetics more profitable due to prestige marketing and high reputation.

The major reason behind the selection of specific companies (likeColgate Palmolive, Rydelle Lion, CheseBrough Pond a subsidiary of Unilever) to which the company had sold their different business lineups is that these companies were high reputed and highly profitable companies, which made possible for them to acquire the business of Minnetonka Corporation at higher prices.

 Question 3

 The difference between these three apps is that they have similar goal, but different features to achieve the goal. In tinder, the features will create a value for those people who are not that good looking, and don’t want to be rejected because of the first impression which is usually the picture in most apps; how ever other users who are attractive and looking to impress other with looks might be interested in Bumble. Bumble is also suitable for female users, who will only contact the people they like rather than other people disturbing them, where as Hinge will create value for the users who want the relationship with someone they already know.

 In today’s world we have seen applications that have taken the world by storm, and also they are being bought by the biggest companies in the world of technology paying huge money. e.g.  Instagram, Kik. With the features provided all three apps can create value which can’t be estimated at the start, but once users start using them the value enhances with the speed like a Ferrari at autobahn. However, to create value of all three apps, marketing can be vital difference, by making these apps recommended by the tech geniuses and in magazines related to the dating.Final Exam Essay Portion Case Solution

There are plenty of strategies related that are not making Bumble available for other platforms than mobile this can be because most people use these apps through their Smartphone and tabs, and once the app is running successfully, then other platforms can be added lately.  Hinge decided to keep the app in limited geographical area because  most users take advantage of the app and its viable for the selected users.Alsoit can be expanded once the demands increase. Keeping limited number of swipes can be strategy to keep the people coming back to the app if they don’t find someone in first 13 swipes.Another reason could be that high number of swipes usually makes it unattractive for the people who are continuously disturbed even when they are working, and limited number of swipe means limited number of notifications. However,increase in users might not help this strategy..............................

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