Schneider Electric India: Leadership Challenges Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Schneider Electric India: Leadership Challenges Case Study Help

Therefore, the adoption of responsible leadership will not only bring improvement in the business operations, but also improve the communication network, organizational structure, and provide superior values long-term operations in the market through increased production resulting in the achievement of economic efficiency.(Katarzyna Szczepariska Woszczyna, 2015)


Investment in employee training:

The staff was not well trained and the plant has limited capacity. To meet these challenges the plant director Samir Mishra should invest in the training of the staff. The training will help them in enhancing their skills in the short and long-term. The provision of training to employees for their professional development serves as a key opportunity for the expansion of knowledge among all employees. This significantly leads to an improved understanding of the job responsibilities ensuring increased efficiency.Trained staff will help them in increasing their revenues and will motivate them in retained in the company.

New Plant Installation:

Samir Mishra needs to install a new plant in the Rudrapur. The installation of the new plant will help in increasing the productivity of the company and to meet successfully the demand of the customer. There was a sudden increase in demand for the product from the customer. The target demand was 5,000 but they record a massive increase in demand for 27,000 units. The current Rudrapur plant cannot meet the current demand. The Samir Mishra as a director of the plant should recommend the management to install a new plant in the sector. The company was not just aiming to meet the current demand from the customer. They want to provide the product with high quality. The company can’t compromise on the quality, or what if they did, they won’t be able to remain competitive in the market. The customers will be demotivated towards the company and won’t get any interest in further get connected with them.

Ensuring future management of challenges:

The above-mentioned strategies will help them in the future as well. The company won’t face any challenge in meeting the demand of the customers. The trained employees will also work efficiently and they will help to reduce the production cost. This will directly affect the revenues of the company and the company’s financials will show growth in the revenues and profits. The stakeholder will also get attracted to the company and they will get motivated to invest and to be connected with them in the future as well. The newly installed plants will not just help to meet the current demand of customers. This will help them in the future as well. They can expand their business and can increase their customer baseline. This expansion will generate more revenues and this will bring more progress in the company.


Despite the division of business operations of Schneider into three clusters that include four directors responsible for the profitable growth at plant-level in Rudrapur. The successful operations were conducted in Bangalore. The growth was mainly influenced by many barriers that limited productivity leading to the inability to meet the order target and deadline. There emerges a necessity of a skillful leader for efficient business operations and performance.The plant director Samir Mishra should invest in the training of the staff and install a new plant in the Rudrapur due to the lack of capability of the current plant to meet the target. This is mainly evidenced by the production capacity requiring additional raw material for the order completion..............................


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