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Business Plan Response Case Solution


Organization Scenario: I need to be able to interact with people online who might act as testers of my products, therefore I need to analyze tweet data in real time to determine if they are likely users and then try to engage them online. What resources do I need to effectively analyze the data and engage users online?

Analysis of Problem & Relationship to Organizational Context

The problem faced by ABC Company is to analyze the online data, which is today known as Big Data. The organization wants to analyze its tweet data for identifying its potential customers. Once the company identifies and projects its potential customers and the features they are looking for, then the marketing mix for that product could be better adjusted and informed organizational decisions could be made. Currently, the organization lacks the capabilities for dealing with big data analytics, big data tools and does not has a team to deal with data analytics. The organization has focused on traditional means to grab the views and opinions of the customers and its current capabilities are limited to that only. However, the organization now wants to implement big data analytics and develop an analytics team to handle this.

Business Plan Response Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Summary of Gaps in Existing Resources & Required Capabilities

There are a number of gaps in the in the current resources and required capabilities and skills. The current mediums of the company for interacting with the current customers and potential customers are limited and the organization does not have any online communication channels for interacting or identifying its potential customers. Along with this, the company has no professional analytics team and it will have to be developed. The company will have to create a new analytics team, which will address the new business problem for the company and thus make informed decisions and recommendations (Laurel lo, 2012). The organization will have to create and articulate a different structure for the analytics team to work effectively (discussed below). Furthermore, all the analytics team members need to possess a number of attributes for addressing the organizational problem (Laurel lo, 2012)...............

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