Building Better Decision Makers: The 3D MBA Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

MBA education has come under heavy criticism recently. The writer asserts that much of the criticism is honest, though surface, emphasizing on the amount of ethics guidance or the lack of real-world practice embedded in MBA program. The real trouble, he says, is that MBA programs fail to arrange graduates to make intelligent decisions in the face of complexity and ambiguity.

At its root, the reason MBA programs neglect to produce better thinkers is structural, and it runs across three dimensions: where the curriculum's content should be deep, it really is shallow; where it should be wide, it really is narrow; and where it should be dynamic, it's static. The writer shows how each of the three components of a '3D' MBA is being developed at the University of Toronto at the Rotman School of Management.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE

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Building Better Decision Makers: The 3D MBA

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