Cisco in 2012 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In the year 2012, Cisco was under intense pressure to show results, growth in its primary company was decelerating and numerous acquisitions and exploratory ventures turned out to be unprofitable. The CEO, John Chambers promised to restore the health of the company's in a way that could help the  entrepreneurial mind-set required to be successful in rising sectors while continuing to attain efficiency and profitability in Cisco's core business. In a world where technologies and customer market segments were rapidly growing, Cisco’s executives recognized that their emphasis on working collaboratively through councils and panels (the business's basic company structure in the 2000s) may be influencing the Cisco's ability in a bad way to be quick and responsive. This case investigates these problems and Cisco's tactical and organizational result, using a particular emphasis on the complete re-structuring of Cisco.

This is just an excerpt. This case is about Leadership and Managing People.

PUBLICATION DATE: November 28, 2012 PRODUCT 2012 PRODUCT #: 413069-PDF-ENG


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