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outline a summary of the superintendent’s district leadership theory of action. Develop specific recommendations regarding what else could she have done to build internal and external stakeholder consensus to enhance organizational coherence and alignment of district resources.

The District leadership theory of action practiced by the superintendent is that the superintendent has imposed a huge burden of workload over others as well as the leadership strategy is such that that the superintendents are subject to frequent walk through tests due to which their performance is evaluated.

Moreover, they are frequently trained and mentored by the professional trainers and mentors in order to ensure the overall efficiency and effectiveness.

It is recommended that the burden of workload should be reduced in order to reduce the stress faced by the superintendents. The decision making should not be centralized or confined to the top management. The superintendents should be allowed to participate in the decision making process as it will enhance their motivational level as well as it will also result in effective decision making. Moreover, the allocation of resources should also be made with the consensus of all superintendents in order to ensure optimal resource allocation. This will enhance the overall effectiveness and profitability of the school, which will result in building internal and external stakeholder consensus to enhance organizational coherence and alignment of district resources.

Describe two of the most significant district leadership challenges faced by the superintendent.Develop recommendations for improvement to the strategies she used or suggest strategies that you would recommend she consider using to improve coherence, build capacity and alignment resources.

The two most district leadership challenges faced by the superintendent are the decrease in profitability as well as increasing stress among the employees. It is recommended that the superintendent should try to reduce the workload as well as the work delegated should be such that it could be completed effectively and efficiently in time.

This will help in reducing the stress among the teachers as well as they would be motivated. Moreover, effective development programs should be maintained as well as proficient training should be provided to the teachers so that they would be able to perform efficiently. A research team should be hired; they should be responsible to guide the management in allocation of resources by providing them the complete statistical analysis related to resource allocation. This will increase the profitability of the school.

  • Comment on the extent to which the district leaders use research-based knowledge of effective teaching leading and organizational development information to create the conditions that lead to optimal student learning at scale. Describe at least two research-based, district improvement strategies that you recommend for her to consider to improve in this area?

 The district leaders should use research based knowledge in providing training to the teachers. This will enhance the skills of their teachers as well as the teachers will learn new effective techniques to teach the children. They should also be provided with the training regarding to the organizational knowledge and development in order to develop an understanding regarding to the matters of organization. The training should be provided to such extent that it should not act or taken as a burden by the recipient.

Write a brief analysis of how fiscal and human resources were organized to promote student achievement goals (raise the bar, close the gaps) across the district. Were these resources deployed effectively?  Describe and make recommendations

 The top management of the school should use an optimal combination of fiscal and human resources in order to enhance the overall efficiency of the school. Use of any one resource to the large extent will not produce optimal results; therefore the management should consider an optimal combination of both resources.

Bristol City Schools Case Solution

In order to promote the student’s achievement goals the combination of proper development programs, funds allocation and training to teachers shall be considered. Moreover, students should also be provided with additional training and development programs which increases their overall knowledge as well as polish their skills.

 Assess the effectiveness of the superintendent’s strategic decisions and actions in how she used student performance information to assess progress toward the district’s central mission and goals. Include in your response specific actions you would recommend that she take to improve in this area.........................

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