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TransCanada Corporation has been one of the major North American energy companies which is based in Calgary, Alberta. The company has been operating and developing energy infrastructure in North American market. The pipelines manufactured by the company includes the pipeline network, which consists of 3,500 kilometers of oil pipes. Along with this, approximately 68,500 kilometers that connects with the most important gas supply basins throughout North America. The company has been one of the largest providers of gas storage in the continent and it also covers around 400 billion cubic feet of storage capacity. TransCanada owns 11,000 megawatts of power station as well. The company has been one of the largest shareholders in Tc Pipelines LP. TransCanada was founded in the year 1951 in Calgary, Alberta.

Problem Statement

The problem that has been identified in the company is first of all, lack of leadership or the management of the company. Along with this, the company has been unable to coordinate with the employees and has in fact created a gap between the management and the employees. Another problem which the company TransCanada has been facing is of Whistleblower's Safety Complaints Validated by Regulator.

Role in the enterprise

My role in the company TransCanada is of Reliability and Maintenance Engineer. Basically, my job description demands reliability and maintainability of equipment, facilities, processes, safety, utilities of systems. I look and manage asset reliability risk which leads to overcoming the negative aspects of business operations. I also perform and work upon project engineering to actually confirm and assure that the reliability and maintenance of any new modification is measured accurately. Along with this, my job includes the development of installation and design of specifications along with the commission plans. The job also includes the transformation of criteria for the overall evaluation of each equipment and technical MRO suppliers and the technical maintenance services. My role also includes the final check out of each installation. This generally includes the factory site where the acceptance testing assures and also adheres the functional specifications. Along with this, I also guide and ensure efforts to confirm the reliability and the maintainability of processes, equipment’s system and all the facilities.

With the above being my job description and my role at TransCanada, I also lead the team of engineers where I deal directly with the management and take monthly tasks from them which I pass on to my team. I have to make sure each individual performs his task in an efficient manner and has the determination and dedication of performing the tasks on time (Hoyle, 1995).

Organizational/Leadership challenges

TransCanada is a renowned name in the energy sector of Canada. It has been operating for more than fifty years and has evolved as one of the pioneers in the industry. However, being such a large organization, it has some problems also which the company is directly facing because of its leadership issues. The most obvious problem that the company has faced was the lack of leadership or the management of the company. Along with this, the company has been unable to coordinate with the employees and has in fact created a gap between the management and the employees (Nielsen, 2013).

Poor management style

The basic problem which the company has faced off late was the lack of leadership. The most obvious issues are the lack of trust by the management on the employees. Being such a large scale company where the number of employees is quite large, still the company has issues where the managers do not actually trust the employees. At TransCanada, the managers do not let the employees to complete the task on their own. In fact, the management tries to come up with different suggestions and precautionary measures to ensure that each employee does what the management asks of him. It is a common proactive where it is seen that managers do not trust the employees and they involve in self prophecy (Howell, 2012)....................

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