Project Management Knowledge And Skills For Green Construction: Overcoming Challenges Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The objective of the research paper Project Management Knowledge and Skills for Green Construction: Overcoming Challenges which is written by Bon-Gang Hwang and Wei Jian Ng is to identify all the challenges that are faced by the project managers that execute and initiate the green construction projects. Apart from that this paper over all focuses on how to determine the skills and the areas of critical knowledge that are necessary to respond to such challenges. Previous studies have identified and focused on the competency of the project managers, this article focuses on the same skills but with special attention being paid to the green construction area.

The authors have made extensive use of the literature review. They have also conducted interviews and surveys with the project managers to address the set of skills and the competency of the project managers with regard to the green construction area. This article proves to be a knowledge base for project managers to be more skillful and more competitive in the area of green construction and this will also help them to execute the sustainable projects more effectively in future.


The skills are very much critical that are required by a project manager for making the project successful. The success of the organization and increasing the probability for gaining successful projects depends on hiring and then retaining successful project managers. Project managers are basically required to meet the deadlines of their projects with the available time and cost constraints. To do this they must possess the required set of knowledge and skills. Some of the core skills that are essential for the project success are problem solving skills, decision making skills, problem handling skills, social skills, management of changes and the ability to recognize opportunities.

Over the years, more importance has been placed over the human activities in recent years and its impact on the environment. To minimize the negative impacts on the environment as a result of the human activities most of the industries are adopting the concept of adopting the green measures and sustainable development. The green concepts have been integrated into the construction programs in order to mitigate the negative impacts on the environment. Therefore, as the green construction concept gains more popularity, therefore it is necessary for the project managers to understand the concepts underlying the green construction projects.

Therefore, in order to provide guidance to the project managers regarding the specific set of skills and the required competency this study aims to discover all the challenges and the problems that these managers face while working on green construction projects. Apart for this, the authors also identify the essential skills and knowledge that are required to become a competent and expert project manager. Another important area on which this paper puts light is that the authors in this paper address the differences in the knowledge base and skills between the set of skills that are required when working on traditional and green construction projects.

The case then states the skills and competencies that should be possessed by the project managers. Competencies are a broad word under which comes an array of characteristics such as personal traits, abilities and skills and behaviors. These all variables have an impact on the performance of the job. Personal traits possessed by the project managers are necessary to predict the performance of the construction project managers. On the other hand behavioral competencies also play a very important role in the professional role of the project managers. These competencies are very much important because personality traits are not amendable but behavioral competencies are amendable through training, for example.

It was in 1987 that the nine core knowledge areas were identified by the Project Management Institute (PMI). These comprised of procurement, time cost, quality, communication, integration, scope and risk and human resource. This paper focuses on the constructions of green buildings as way to promote sustainable corporate development. Over the year emphasis has been placed on green buildings on global basis which is also an evident from the launch of the Green mark Scheme in Singapore. It states the five major features of the ideal green building projects are closed loop material systems, optimization of building hydrologic cycles, maximum use of renewable energy, passive designs and the implementation of indoor environment quality measures.

The authors than also highlight the challenges that are faced in the green construction projects. The main challenges faced by the project managers are technical difficulty during the construction process, higher costs of green materials and green construction practices, unfamiliarity with green technologies, greater communication, coordination and interest is required by all the project members...................

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