Information Resource Management at Hydro-Quebec Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Stakeholder Analysis:


Stakeholder Interest in the Project

Assessment of Impact

Potential Strategies for Gaining

Support or Reducing Obstacles

Government High interest because the government after the nationalization, the Quebec government has become the sole shareholder of the company. Implementation of CIS project will have a huge impact on the Quebec government. The government can gain support through supporting the company in terms of finances and funds. The technology is new and thus required a lot of funds to run effectively. In this way, the government would be able to gain support.
Customer High interest because customers are the ones who will take most of the benefit of the project that has been going to implement. High impact The management of the company should deliver this to customers that by implementing new CIS system, the overall procedure of the company becomes more efficient.  Further, this project will help the company avoid wasting resources that can be then used best for the customers.
Analysts As mentioned, The concept of functional architect no longer existed with regard to software packages. That job disappeared in the software package world, making way for application specialists and organizational process specialists. Huge impact on business architects of the company. As mentioned, the role of business architect will end as the project will increase the complexity of the procedure by including sophisticated software packages. They may create obstacles that can be reduced by shifting their jobs to somewhere else in the organization.
Senior executives All the senior executives at Hydro-Québec saw this new business context as a singular opportunity to highlight the significant energy assets and business expertise acquired in Quebec over the years. Moderate impact The senior executives are the ones who will be impacted moderately by the implementation of this project and thus there is no need to identify strategies to remove obstacles from them.
Vice Presidents The three executive vice presidents of the company will have an interest in the CIS project as they are engaged in managing finances, human resources and shared services of the company. Moderate impact, as the vice president are not direct link to the CIS project. The three vice presidents of the company are not a source of obstacle as they are the ones who want Customer Information Systems to be implemented soon.

Question 3

You are working with Yves Legris to develop a preliminary Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Describe the WBS you would propose according to its distinct delivery phases to ensure the core team is able to assist you in completing the scope of work.

Work breakdown structure:

1.0   risk Analysis

1.1   Risk Analysis Matrix  






risk of workforce allienation









integration issues among the systems chosen by business unit



High cost risk








not having overall strategy related to IT.






Failure of overall CIS project







Question 4

(a)    Propose a project organizational structure with clear roles and responsibilities to ensure the success of the development of the CIS system.

Legris who is the director of HQD will be held responsible for the overall execution of the project during the whole phases. Karl Malenfent, who is the head of distribution was placed in charge of managing the operational aspects of the project, and delivery, in particular. In addition to that, Lorraine Mayer was appointed head of IT on the CIS project. Last but not the least, Michel Jewry will be the Cap Gemini representative on the CIS project.

Identify and justify the criteria that are critical in selecting an appropriate project methodology for the CIS Project.

Project methodology:

There are various criteria for defining the methods used in the projects. For the CIS project, the methodology would be dividing the process into five main steps that include initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, closing and last but not the least closing.................................

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