Leadership of Change Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Leadership of Change Case Solution

Leaders at middle and executive levels face many challenges in the organization. These challenges have identified reliable source and from the evidence on the daily basis to the management. The organizations mostly meet the challenges of constructing amendments for the survival of their businesses. They need to develop the organization and its structure with the technological advancement and the requisite of the businesses. Management take decision of the changes in the organization due to many factors that can evolve around innovations, infrastructure development, building construction or change in the system of working.

Managers at executive and middle level has to face many hurdles to the path of changes. Management face restrictions sometimes from

The process of leadership change hence, interrupted by lack of concentration of the managers. The process also depends upon the development of strategies if the strategies are not developed and executed according to the plan on right time then the chances of failure increases. Furthermore, behavior of the people i.e. employees are the huge hurdle to the structure of change of leadership. They resist the changes because they hesitate to examine their skills that are appropriate to conduct the changes like technological advancements. The managers need to be focused and keen observer

Likewise, South Africa has abandoned with the minerals and natural resources. However, the managers felt that there is the lack of conducting them appropriately. Nature has allotted South Africa with the huge facilities just they need to avail them through their capabilities. With the allocation of proper strategies it cannot only benefit the organizations and leaders working in the country and facing so many hurdles to their ways, but it will also facilitate the country with the global challenges.

South Africa can respond to the important possibilities of the world in order to allocate adequate development. Furthermore, if it deploys proper practices of education in order to reduce poverty in the country, South Africa can be role model to show the rest of the world about fighting against the poverty. They tolerate challenges in their economy due to imbalance between poor and rich people. The inequality among the white and black are also the great aspects of the growth of the economy in South Africa. Development of middle class is also critical in the country that would support the South Africa in the sustainability of its economic growth.

Role of government in the transformation of economy portrays significant impact.Firstly, the development of the patterns of structural change and the process of economic development process with respect to general that includes diversification and industrialization particularly.....................

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