Analysis of Gordon's decision for night skiing

The case analysed the major decision of the CEO of Blue Mountain for the introduction of Night Skiing and to provide extra facilities to its existing participants (Seasonal as well as regular). However in order to project accurate results for the forecasted revenues under the night ski, Gordon distributed some questionnaires to the participants of day ski and also to the potential participants, who want to join for membership in the Blue Mountain resort.

The aim of distributing the questionnaires would be to collect the information from each consumer in order to decide the potential benefits of introducing the night ski and the barrier for the revenues under different perceptions collected from the people.

Since the resort was successful in the past few years and tend to increase the number of skiers in the future, so analysis had taken from the historical performance of Blue Mountain and concluded that the resort would benefit more by introducing the night ski and a combination of day and night stay.

Another opportunity had analysed by Gordon, which was the increasing number of young generations towards the sporting activities and tends to spend more time in the sports rather than their general lifestyle.

It has been analysed that the diversification of the resort facilities under the night ski required $135,500 introducing the system of night services. To achieve the result, CEO analysed the critical market demand for the night ski and determine the pricing strategy to run the system of night ski.

After analysing the pricing level of the project, it is concluded that majority of the participants will come from seasonal events and some of the participants will likely to join day and night ski under different conditions offered by the Blue Mountain Resort.

Data Collection for Night Ski project

After the critical analysis of the market and review of the historical performance of the Blue Mountain, it has been determined that diversification in night ski could benefit the company in more profits and increase the memberships with additional participants to spend their money on the ski facilities.

In order to avail the project of night ski, different market analysis has been taken to collect the response about the particular project and its demand. So the CEO distributed the questionnaires and surveys to the existing members as well as the potential subscribers for the ski facilities.

The number of questions included the name, age, occupation and additional information for the behavioural and general assessment of the selected participants. Which would allow the Blue Mountain to facilitate according to the lifestyle of the people?

It also indicates that during the seasonal ski event in the past year, a consistent number of members had added and which allows diversifying the area of the business for new participants. However, the data collected through surveys shows that there is still the market demand for night ski especially in the special days like Christmas for enjoyment.

The other information required for the introduction of night ski can be the projected operating costs and initial cost for the new plant development. Also the feedback from the selected participants who were included in the day ski events (Seasonal and regular) subjected to provide the pricing strategy about the operation of night ski facilities.

It is concluded that the project reflects a positive response from the existing as well as some potential participants and, therefore, can be beneficial for the resort and the members because of the flexible timings after the Woking hours...............

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