Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, the founder of Microsoft and Apple, respectively, a revolution in the relationship between the individual and computer technology. After the exclusive domain of academics and research institutions, computers can now be found in every area of business, government, and personal entertainment. Gates and Jobs contributed to this revolution, introducing the practice of generation of personal computers and set the stage for the information age. Gates and Jobs turned their curiosity about electronics in the multi-billion dollar industry. In early experiments, like the Apple II and DOS in the X-Box and iPod, Gates and Jobs have been recorded in all the innovative technologies and their dissemination to a wide audience. Journey was not without trials for both leaders. "Antitrust suit in the mid-90's and Jobs' Gates separation from Apple, at the end of the 80s, provided challenges for both companies. However, leaders have used these periods of uncertainty as motivation to innovate, takes digital technology into new territory. Pixar Studios, MSNBC, Xbox, and the phenomenon of "entertaining" all arose from the ashes of corporate disputes. Stories of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, in the final analysis is a story - a story of a personal computer, its software and its impact on society. Of the two college screening is based on the West Coast came the revolution that radically affected the world business practices. "Hide
by Anthony J. Mayo, Mark Benson Source: Harvard Business School 33 pages. Publication Date: December 4, 2006. Prod. #: 407028-PDF-ENG

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