A telemedicine opportunity or a distraction Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

A telemedicine opportunity or a distraction Case Solution 


The Partners HealthCare system has progressed with its best resources of the doctors, nurses and other staff. The research & development is a fundamental component of the HealthCare System. However, the issue rose when the physicians faced hurdle for the treatment of emergency patients. The stroke patients needed immediate treatment within 3-4 hours approximately. The blockage of the blood to the brain usually, causes the patients to suffer from the stroke. However, the medicine that gets used to recover the stroke patients is tpa, which maintains the blood thinness and makes the ways of blood clear to the brain.  However, in some cases the patients do not require the tpa and the drug can cause death in case of over dose. The physicians thus, require a system that can be visible to the specialists in the emergency scenario. The neurologists give the suggestion to the physician that the treatment through tpa is possible or not. If tpa is sufficient to the patient, then other possible treatments provide to the patients. The Partners HealthCare System has the strength of its employees. Moreover, through the adequate use of research and development procedures, the Partners modify the treatment and technologies in the hospital. Thus, Shawn Farrell, the operating manager of Partners HealthCare System suggested the implementation of the TeleStroke. The TeleStroke is currently working with the emergency department of the Partners. Moreover,TeleStroke is useful equipment that requires heavy investment. Nonetheless, the implementation ofthe TeleStroke can benefit the Partners HealthCare System with the cost and other useful advantageous to the organization’s growth will be appear. Moreover, its need to the different departments can make the entire organization into the path of prosperity(Garfield, 2016).

Case Analysis

Business Model and Business Goals

The business model is used to determine the procedure of making the profit of the business. A business model guides the company towards its goals. Moreover, the Partner HealthCare hospital is endowedwith the value proposition strategy. The Physicians of the Partner HealthCare havethe preference to attend the patients and recover them as soon as possible. Moreover, the hospital has invested heavily on the research and development of the methods. The aim of the research and development is to explore the emergence of the diseases and the latest technologies in order to meet the challenges of the prevailing diseases. The deadly diseases of cancer, cardiovascular problems, AIDS and other dreadful diseases are the focus of the research by the hospital. The hospital has entailed with the yearly investment of $700 million to the research and development department. Thus, it is headed towards the reduction in the number of diseases and disorders that can be achieved by the assessment of investigation and progressing the development of methods and technologies.

Value Proposition Business Strategies

The implementation of the TeleStroke was needed as the patients had to view and get treatment as soon as possible in order to involve all the components of primary activities of value chain, which includes all the members from entrance to exit. The administration of the Partners, thus, involved that entails emergency room, admitting and another process for administration. Moreover, the care through diagnostics test, treatment and thus, the referrals are also included. Furthermore, the discharge of patients, marketing and sales and services of the hospitals of Partners also got involved. The procedures of primary activity thus, play a major role to the Partners HealthCare system. Furthermore, the supportive activities deal with the working of the doctors of the different departments. They are the essential components for dealing the patients,however, in the case of the stroke, they keep attending patients even after their job time. The services and maintenance also play a significant role, the staff thus, necessary to maintain an eye on the emergency patients and deal them effectively. Moreover, Information system and Diagnostics through the projection of IS are also critical to the hospital chain. ..............

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