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The senior associate deputy minister for the Industry Canada, in the month of Feb 2011 was made as the Canadian prime minister's personal representative to the bi-national team charged with developing the "Beyond the Border Action Plan" to both improve security and streamline cross border business and travel between Canada and also the United States. He was immediately faced using a variety of decisions on how best to continue - whom to consult, which Canadian team members to hire, which of many possible priorities to pursue in discussions with his U.S. counterparts and which steps to take to manage a complex procedure involving a multiplicity of large and strong Canadian government departments and bureaus in addition to private sector interests. He understood that he would have to formulate them rapidly while he didn't yet have strategies to address these issues. Both the prime minister and also the U.S. president had made clear their desire to go quickly - ideally, an action plan was to be in place within six months.


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