Beyoncé Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The team at Beyonce company, Parkwood Entertainment, decided to launch a new album of Beyonce, a music superstar, at once, but exclusively through the Apple iTunes Store and without any significant marketing and advertising before releasing the album. Although, this new approach that sheuses for releasing her self-titled to surprise her fans, contains a wide risk because this is in contrast to the conventional releasing approaches. The General Manager of the company, Lee Anne Callahan-Longo, described Parkwood as “an artist’s company of music and production, operated at the highest level”. Parkwood made the partnership with Columbia Records, Sony Music’s label, on recorded-music activities, which consequently mitigate the risk and minimize the cost. Columbia Records had been developing for around one and a half years and due to the many videos was an expensive approach. Beyonce disclosed it through her Instagram and Facebook accounts, but whether this release would have significant results as expected by the management? What could be the response of industry insiders and her fans to this new promotional approach? Whether it would cause some serious consequences like the music retailers denying to bring the physical album into the market?

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