Best Buy Inc. – Dual Branding in China Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Should Five Star lose its identity and be marketed as Best Buy? Or should Best Buy let both brands compete with each other in the Chinese market and keep the Five Star brand? The choice has a sense of déjà vu because, when it first stepped out of its home turf in January of 2002 by getting Future Shop, the biggest consumer electronics retailer in Canada, Best Buy was facing a similar dilemma.

The company had determined, at the time, in favor of dual brand strategy. It had worked. There was no evidence of cannibalization, the single greatest danger in double branding. Best Buy and Future Shop had both grown as independent brands in Canada. But, does double brand strategy work in the greatly different retail environment of China?


This is just an excerpt. This case is about STRATEGY & EXECUTION

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Best Buy Inc. – Dual Branding in China

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