TELEMEDICINES CASE ANALYSIS Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Case Synopsis

The Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) is focusing towards an opportunity which may lead them to be the medical industry leader or may also lead them to increase cost and declined profitability. The hospital is later merged with the partner health care hospital while these merged hospitals have a large number of hospitals which merged each other to grab the opportunity of telemedicine and to make a cost efficient and effective structure.

The partner health care is focusing towards the most efficient and quick solutions for their neurological patients. The company is considering the idea of giving them 24/7 service while the patient can come any time in the emergency department (ED) on the other hand the company was also considering to give them this service regardless of that the physician or the neurologist is available or not.

To make sure the implementation of the plan the company integrated its structure with different other hospitals and neurologist by restricting them to provide their services on emergency basis, however the treatment of patient in absence of the neurologist was impossible since the physician was only able to give first aid but not the secondary treatments required for the patient.
To overcome this problem the company made its IT system from by installing their own software as well as integrating them with NIH (National Institute of healthcare) portal to make synchronization among the system. The company also installed cameras and video calling and conferencing systems to enable the neurologist to treat and to examine the patient in his absence at the hospital.

The company also faced some problems later on while implementing its software solutions and integrating them with the NIH portal. On the other hand the company also faced some troubles while making a synergy between those merged hospitals which are the member of PH.

The company also faced some issues regarding the time management of the test which were necessary to treat the Telestroke patient. However the company also faced some troubles in its overall ambulance system and its integration with the hospitals to treat patients.

Business Model andBusiness Goal

As far as concern with the business model the business model of the company is quite simple, as mentioned in the case the major focus of the company is towards those patients who are being suffered from neurologic diseases. However the company’s key partners are the hospitals who are dealing with the similar diseases. However the company is focusing towards efficient cost structure. The key activities includes the treatments of neurologic patients and to give them quick and effective treatments since the neurologic patients have less than 4 hours to get treated otherwise they get paralyzed or lead to death.

Major Business Strategies

The major strategies which are being used by the business include the proper management of the ED and making efficient informational structure which lead the company to cost and medical efficiencies. The other thing is that the company is mainly focus to use TPA(tissue Plasminogen activator)which is a medicine use to make the blood thinner in order to remove blood clots from the vessels. The company majorly focuses towards TPA usage while considering the factors which enable or disables the patient properties to give TPA. The company is also focusing to give more innovative, quick and efficient treatments to its patient by integrating its informational and medical structure.....................

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