Global Asset Allocation: Whither the U.S. Dollar Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In April 2009, Rashonda Williams, responsible for the global distribution of assets on a large pension fund, had to decide whether the increase in the allocation of foreign securities. The main factor influencing her decision on the likelihood of the way to the U.S. dollar over the next 5 to 10 years. We were on the verge of mass repatriation of foreign portfolios of U.S. investors? Is foreign central banks are beginning to diversify dollars? Was the dollar (and other major currencies), so undervalued that the Group of Seven (G7) can contemplate coordinated currency intervention? Williams score of these issues will be a big factor in its overall assessment: Should it recommend to the Board to increase the allocation to foreign securities, or whether it should take the opportunity to repatriate profits and increase the weight on the U.S. securities "Hide by Francis Warnock, Marc Chandler Source: Darden School of Business 29 pages. Publication Date: June 15, 2009. Prod. #: UV2553-PDF-ENG

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Global Asset Allocation: Whither the U.S. Dollar

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