Benevento Foods: When the Rubber Hits the Dough Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

For the previous 30 years, increase that was unprecedented has been overseen by the president of Benevento Foods, a food processor situated in northern New York State. In June 2014, the family-owned company has 90 full time employees and provides baking mixes and bases to both small stand-alone bakeries and national supermarket chains over the United States. It has plans to develop new product lines, specifically and to expand supply to Japan and Mexico for gluten free things.

Nonetheless, it faces a serious quality failure: one of its own customers has discovered pieces of rubber in the latest delivery of baking mix. Is this an isolated occasion or indicative of a larger dilemma? Can it be symptomatic of resources, lack of responsibility on the shop floor and a misallocation of an undesirable quality tradition? What can be done to solve the current issue and be sure it does not reoccur?

PUBLICATION DATE: September 29, 2015 PRODUCT #: W15440-PDF-ENG

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Benevento Foods: When the Rubber Hits the Dough

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