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            The paper attempts to provide a brief introduction of the company GoPro Inc. along with its general description, financial structure, and product identification. The paper also attempts to describe the advertisement and marketing techniques that are being currently used by the company. Furthermore, the paper also attempts to describe the international expansion strategy for GoPro along with the e-marketing plan suggested. Lastly, paper aims to provide a brief summary of the entire paper.

Company Background

            GoPro Inc. is an American company founded by Nicholas Woodman who is also currently the Chief Executive Officer of the company manufactures high definition and versatile camcorders and cameras. Headquarter of the company is located in San Mateo, California. The company was founded in the 2002 after Woodman took a trip to Australia and could not find any photographer who could provide Woodman with a quality camera at an affordable prices. Woodman wanted to take pictures of his surfing when he had been in Australia.

            Woodman investment through many different ways in order to manufacture his first camera system which consisted the features of a digital camera. He collected investments from his parents, selling different beads, and also his Volkswagen van. Furthermore, the company hired former Microsoft Executive Tony Bates to expand and organize the company in to many different countries. The company filed for Initial Public Offering (IPO) and became a public limited firm.

Product Identification

            The most famous camera brand for the company includes the product line of Hero camera. Hero camera are the first camera which had been introduced by the company since the company was established. Furthermore, the first camera had been sold for a price of $150,000 that had the feature of developing 10 seconds video. With the particular product line, the company made revenues of more than $800,000, while the revenues in the following year increased four times the previous year’s revenues.

            The current Hero Camera lineup includes various features that has earned the movies Emmy Award due to the performance of the camera in many categories. Some of the features include waterproof durability, Wi-Fi, and a higher resolution. Along with this, the company also offers accessories products which are useful in enhancing the capabilities of the company’s cameras. The accessories include spare batteries, chargers, replacement parts of the cameras, and many others.


            The company has two types of marketing strategies in which one is focused upon consumer marketing while the second is focused upon lifestyle marketing.

Consumer Marketing

            GoPro has transformed the age of advertising through content marketing. The company encourages its users to develop their videos from the GoPro cameras and upload on the company’s website. GoPro shares the best videos with its customer base to show the strength of their camera. The advertising medium that has been chosen by the company is benefitting the company as the value that us being generated by the particular user-generated videos has doubled the net income in the year 2011. However, the marketing cost that has been invested by the company is very low despite of being very beneficial from the marketing campaign.

            The advertisers of the company are its regular customers who make high quality videos on a small scale and upload these videos on various platforms including the company’s website, YouTube, and social networking websites. The company also performs social media marketing campaigns to engage its customers with the latest product offerings. It also provides great opportunities for various organizations around the world to market their products through GoPro.

Lifestyle Marketing

            The lifestyle marketing concept is based on the awareness of its brand through engaging customers in managing key relationships with its influencers and promotion of events. The company develops strong relationship with athletes and celebrities that could easily influence consumers’ lifestyle and behavior. Therefore, the company contacts with these influential personalities to share their videos using GoPro camera technologies.

Financial Structure

            Since GoPro had become a public limited company, therefore the financial information of the company could only be available from the year 2014. While considering the revenues for GoPro in the first quarter of 2015, the company has been earning $363.11 million against the last year’s quarter revenues of $633.91. There has been a significant decline in the revenues against the previous quarter, but while comparing it with the previous years’first quarter revenues earned by the company the revenues were $235 million. This shows a slight significant improvement of the current revenues earned by the company(Google Finance, 2015). .....................

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