Adani Agri Logistics Limited: Blocking the Grain Drain Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

AdaniAgri Logistics Limited (AALL) was created to execute a national project for the bulk handling of food grains via a public-private partnership with the Food Corporation of India.

This project entailed designing, planning, funding, constructing, using and maintaining infrastructure that was modern for the mass handling, storage and transfer of grains necessary for the public supply system. Although a technology-driven supply chain solution was implemented, the benefits of this advanced supply system did not come after four years of operation. AALL soon understood that farmers were averse to accept the brand new storage system since it was a departure in the relationship-based transactions they were used to endeavor with traditional intermediaries.

In this manner, the company learned that you can find cultural subtleties and traditions that should be valued and given consideration, together with the economic reasons. While making way for progress and improvement, how could these conventions be valued and preserved?


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