Bank of America Acquires Merrill Lynch (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

On the December 22nd, 2008, Bank of America (BofA) chairman along with CEO Ken Lewis assembled a    unique board of directors satisfying to examine his business's pending acquisition of financial investment bank Merrill Lynch. Settlements for the acquisition had actually started a couple of months previously, throughout the dreadful week in September where Lehman Brothers proclaimed bankruptcy. Both Merrill and BofA saw their arrangement positively, however in the stepping in months, as Merrill's expected losses swelled and the federal government stepped in with such programs as the TARP, BofA discovered itself tied to a monetary anchor with a hard-line from the federal government that avoided BofA from deserting ship.

This case offers background on the monetary crisis and the chain of occasions in between September and December of 2008 where Merrill, BofA, and the federal government tried to work out the acquisition. This case focuses class conversation on numerous decisions-whether BofA need to have at first accepted to purchase Merrill Lynch, whether it must have accepted capital contributions from the Treasury, and how it must have reacted to the wear and tear in Merrill Lynch's position in the very first quarter.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE

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Bank of America Acquires Merrill Lynch (A)

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