Atari: Between a Rock and a Hard Place Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Atari, a manufacturer of video games, went through several owners over the years winding up controlled by Infogrames, a French publisher of video games. Infogrames successively sold Atari shares in a secondary public offering, consequently cutting down the parent's share to 51.6 percent by September 2005 creating a complex two-tier ownership structure. Two grades of management made it tough to get things done. The financial structure was a predicament for Infogrames because the French company had to consolidate 100 percent of Atari's results even though it only possessed 51 percent of the company. Atari was generating large losses, had defaulted on its debt, and was faced with the chance of submitting for insolvency without more working capital.


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Atari: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

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