Assemble The Dedicated team Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Assemble The Dedicated team Case Study  Solution

Answer # 1

            For the formation of the global team, there isa number of critical factors which should be looked at before assembling a team. The first process is to analyze the tasks and the skills needed for completing the tasks. After the skills for completing the tasks had been identified, the next process would be to identify and hire the best candidates which have the necessary skills for completing the tasks.

Once the candidates had been hired, the next step would be to matching the organizational aspects with the global teams. The organizational aspects consist of the job description, reporting structure, culture, working environment and compensation. Since the global team members belong to thedifferent country and have adifferent background, it is important for developing such a culture that would not impact on their working conditions.

Answer # 2

            The most critical trap which should be avoided is the first trap which is “Having a Bias for Insiders”. The reason is that when hiring a team member, it is recommended that it could also hire an outsider. For expanding the business, it is crucial for the company to bring new sets of skills for innovation.

Answer # 3

            The critical success factors which were present in the case of forming a dedicated team are through hiring people through either inside or outside the company. The team members should have the necessary skills for completing the tasks and responsibilities. The dedicated team should have its own working environment, culture and process. The other department such as IT, HR and others should be willing in making an exception for the dedicated team.

Answer # 4

For assembling a new dedicated team, I would have taken different steps to develop the same culture for the dedicated team of the employees. If the dedicated team members are given with a different culture such as its policies, process and working environment, the other employees would feel not being treated equally which in result would decrease the performance of the company...........

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