Metabical: Positioning and Communication Strategy for a New Weight-Loss Drug Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Comparison to Current Weight-Loss Options

Metabical brought a significant revolution in the weight-loss category of the prescriptive drugs and has some significant advantages over the other products or options available in the category. It has the privilege of being the first product or the drug designed or manufactured for the overweight issue to receive the approval of FDA. Although it is a forecasted scenario however, it is more likely to be achieved and accomplished task. The products or the prescriptive drugs that have been introduced in the category and the options available have some side effects that presents a negative aspect for those products.

metabical case solution

metabical case solution

This the reason why despite having the benefits or the positive features the side effects out shaded the positive side of such products. On the other hand, Metabical received great support from the medical fraternity and received their approval at a great deal. The reason to this strong support has been the positive signs that the product showed during the trial run, which is the reason why the product has been strongly endorsed majority of the people belonging to the field of medicine.

The options available in the market to cater the weight-loss segment are classified as the prescriptive drugs. On the other hand, these drugs are also recognized as the over-the-timer remedies or to be precise OTC. However, these OTC drugs faced significant challenge in getting popular among individuals suffering from overweight due to the safety concerns associated with them and the lack of regulations. There are much safer options available in the market or the substitutes are present, which are considered safe as compared to OTC drugs.

The individuals prefer to follow diet plans, conduct exercise guide plans, and follow precautionary measures while taking meal and search for replacements. Thus, all these options are much healthier and safe as compared to OTC drugs, which is why strong support is given to such options by the patients. Metabical is also subjected to show significant competitiveness in the prescriptive drugs segment. However, this segment is also entailed or catered by few drugs or options and these options are readily available and approved only to cater the individuals that are facing issues related to obesity or sever obesity.

However, the people suffering from the problem of over-weight has only proper option available that is also approved by the FDA which is known as Alli. This product is catering the individuals by putting a strong hindrance in the absorption of fat which as a result leads to loss of weight. However, this product is catering the segment as the only solution and has received the FDA approval but has a negative aspect as well. The side effects that this product presents are very critical and dangerous and can be very harmful for the health of the individual, resulting in sever medical condition.

On the other hand, Metabical has some significant features that place the product above Alli. The presence of dual layer allow controlled release formulation andthe product act or serve as a suppressant for the appetite. Apart from that, the product also has a fat blocking agent and also an agent that take care of absorption of calories. Although the product will not be as affective for obese individuals however, it will be a more convincing and affective product for the individuals suffering from the issue of overweight. The features clearly place the product above its competitors and give the product a strong boost.

Since the product is catering a particular segment that is of overweight, which is the reason why the product is a highly attributed product and far more superior option then the options already present. The comparison with Alli clearly exhibits the superior influence that Metabical can have on the segment and how effective this product can be for the segment and the individuals suffering from the issue of overweight.

The features offered by the product are very impressive and play a vital role in offering the market a product of its king. The uniqueness that Metabical attains is very impressive and the key to gain significant competitive edge over the competitive options already available. This product has received strong support from the medical fraternity which is a strong boost and will be a significant option for the individuals as well as for the company. Therefore, this product attains low risk and is subjected to provide high returns.

Pros & Cons of Forecasting Methods

The Printup presented three methods or approaches while forecasting. However, all these three methods have different features and attributes, which is why the benefits offered and the disadvantages associated are also different. This section will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each method individually...........................

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