Philip Morris U.S.A. and Marlboro Friday (A) (Condensed) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case is a shortened version of "Philip Morris USA and the Marlboro Friday ()." In July 1993, Philip Morris executives met to consider the second quarter sales figures in the U.S. tobacco. Three months earlier, the company announced a 40-cents per pack promotions for cigarettes Marlboro, the number one-selling cigarettes in the world. On the day of the announcement, on April 4, Philip Morris shares fell $ 14.75, to $ 49.375, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 68.63 points. June 4, the company announced the expansion of promotion through August 8. After eight months of consecutive decline of shares, the share of Marlboro had jumped three points. Philip Morris executives are now facing some important decisions: If the promotion of Marlboro be extended for August 8? If progress to replace a steady decline in wholesale prices? If the prices of other Philip Morris brands of premium be reduced? Finally, if the prices of discount brands of the company be changed in any way? "Hide
by Paul W. Farris, Mark Parry, Richard Johnson Source: Darden School of Business 11 pages. Publication Date: September 28, 2001. Prod. #: UV2923-PDF-ENG

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Philip Morris U.S.A. and Marlboro Friday (A) (Condensed)

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