Aravind Eye Health Care Operations Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


AECS, formally known as Aravind Eye Care Systems is known to be one of the world's most recognized and productive eye hospital. The hospital was founded by Dr. GovindappaVenkatawamy in 1976. The basic aim of Dr. V was to provide premium quality services related to eye care at a realistic cost. In India, the level of blindness is increasing day by day primarily due to cataract therefore; Dr. V brought the idea related to marketing cataract surgeries.

The vision of the company is to be responsible for approximately 5% of the total surgeries related to ophthalmic in India. The company’s vision is based on elimination of the blindness form the country by offering quality services and eye care facilities. The hospital is engaged in providing two types of services in surgeries that include ICCE and ECCE.

In addition to this, the major focus of the AECS’s management is utilizing the surgeons’ time to increase its capacity utilization. Furthermore, the management is focused on hiring one of the most experienced and efficient surgeons that can be obtained through effective training and recruitment. The training is provided from nurses to all the surgeons in order to maintain a high standard in terms of quality. Furthermore, the hospital often organizes camps especially in rural areas to attract patients in volume at affordable prices.

Operations at AECS:

As mentioned above, the vision of AECS is to eliminate blindness by offering quality services to each and every individual. The hospital can achieve this vision by bringing efficiency in its operations. The company has installed effective systems to save the time required by surgeons to operate patients. In addition to this, the operations of the company are based on the effective system that in turn leads to enhancement in productivity and efficiency to guarantee providing services to a maximum number of patients in India.

Moreover, there are low rates of infection in AECS that result in high-quality service in terms of quality and efficiency. Other than that, there is standardization in process related to surgical and labor division like initial inspection, registration and surgery. Due to the high level of standardization, the management at AECS is able to achieve efficiency that leads to service providence to the maximum number of patients. Moreover, the clinic is provide manufacturing of intraocular lenses and other items related to it that in turn reduce the cost related to operations and affordability in terms of proper eye care services. AECS have designed effective training and recruitment process for staff to make sure high-quality service is provided.

Replicating AECS system:

The system implemented in AECS is based on company’s intensive IT system and the model related to this can only be replicated in places where the system is based on standardization and where the input through customization is minimal. In addition to this, AECS's system can be replicated where the daily operations are done on a high volume, for instance, Caesarean births and child vaccinations.

Implementing the AECS system in Africa will help the country in achieving economies of scale that in turn will help medical institutions to provide high quality and efficient service at minimum price possible to the ones who are poor and unable to afford premium services. Furthermore, it will also help health care institutions in Africa to be more lucrative by implementing standard operating processes and through division of labor.

On the contrary, standardization can be difficult to achieve in health care sector as the process varies from patient to patient thus, standard treatment cannot be applied to each and every aspect. For instance, standardization cannot be achieved in cataract surgeries. In addition to this, standardization might result in low volume in operations. Other than these issues, doctors are not willing to provide their services at minor compensation for so many hours. Other issues related to replication can be non-availability of equipment and medicines related to medical at lower prices.

Future approach:

The company is developing smoothly in India because of the presence of Dr. V as he observes and controls all operations till distribution. Going for expansion in Africa will be an uncertain effort as it will necessitate efforts for structure efficient management in these areas. In addition to this, connecting the vision.............................

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