Wooqer: Making Business Social (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Information technologies aid key split up of a connection such as the HR, Training, Operations, and Legal, to complete operational ability. In addition, IT can and must be exploited to boost the company's tactical position by "socially" tempting to an ecosystem of stakeholders: employees, suppliers, and customers.  For this, the business back end IT infrastructure should be connected with the front line in order that information can flow fluidly, and noteworthy choices might be made in real-time. In this particular context, we make delineation between Systems of Record and Systems of Involvement. The latter group of IT is emerging, certainly will alter the company landscape in extensive ways. This case is all about one such platform of participation called Wooqer, which corporation heads can harness to undertake an assortment of complexities. Wooqer facilitates communities of users to work alone, without demanding constant support from IT. The case starts by describing the information systems that drive business at Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, the biggest clothing retailer in India. In a retail surrounding that is quickly growing, the Strategy Head in Madura has to decide between rolling out a method of involvement, and implementing point solutions to different technology problems.

Wooqer Making Business Social A Case Solution


This is just an excerpt. This case is about TECHNOLOGY & OPERATIONS

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Wooqer: Making Business Social (A)

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