Project Management-Construction of the new house Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Project Management-Construction of the new house Case Solution

Project Introduction

The case discusses the construction of a new double story house and the period of development of the project implemented for the particular house. It is identified that a series of work break down structure would be involved to execute the project; also the project schedule and the budget would include analyzing the worth of the project in the particular period of time. The risk factors are also considered in the project and thus, analyze the outcome and mitigation factors to control and to complete the project under the expected duration. These activities would contribute in executing the project properly and decrease the threat of additional time of task performance and the cost associated with it.

Risk identification

Risk factor Level of occurrence Probability
Incomplete structure High 40%
Lack of resources Medium 25%
Environmental threats Medium 15%
Site location Medium 15%
Communication breakdown between project team Low 5%

Risk Analysis

Incomplete structure

If the project would complete under the weak structure then there would be a high risk factor due to the threat of permanent damage of the house in future, which could decrease the worth of the house under obsolete value.

Lack of resources

There is also a threat unavailability of the resources that would delay the duration of the project and also increase project cost under additional period. This factor is directly proportional to the project extra cost that would be expensive for the project manager to implement under the selected period.

Environmental threats

Due to the external threat of natural disaster, a project might be damaged internally because of an earthquake or any other natural threat that would destroy the structure internally.

Site location

If the construction would be developed in arural area instead of urban,then there is always an issue of the security as well as lack of needs like food shelter or other resources. Thus, constructing in arural area would damage the house value in the future as well.

Communication breakdown between project team

With the changes in the project schedule, there is also a threat of miscommunication between the project team members. This would inefficiently increase the additional time to complete the project due to the conflicts of changing the project schedule as per project team members. Certain issues would contribute to increase the duration of the project for certain period of time.

Risk Mitigation

From the following analysis of risk involved in the project, it has been determined that various processes would mitigate such type of risks in order to decrease the threat of longer duration to complete the house.

Incomplete Structure

In order to mitigate the risk of incomplete structure, the project should be followed by the proper schedule as well as the team should work with the project team. The schedule should also be extracted into different tasks that should be assigned to the workers under specialties that they consist offor the particular task. This would allow to develop the expected duration of 90 in order to achieve the desired results and effectively develop the structure under the project requirements.

Lack of resources

To mitigate the risk of unavailability of resources, the project should be followed by the flexible work schedule of the related workers.This would decrease the pressure of extra working hours from each worker. The other resources increase the availability of the material for the construction, so the agreement of the supply of material should be implemented before the start of the project in order to hold it on the current situation when the task would allow allocating the material..................

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