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In 2006, Alpina has been refining capacity in Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela, and its products have been distributed in 34 countries. With annual sales of approximately $ 275 million, it was one of the largest private companies of dairy products in the Andean region. Alpina social initiatives started in the early history of the organization. The founders of the company and the family that participated in the activities of the established working environment in which the needs of the interested parties have been the priority. As the company grew, there were changes in the ownership structure. However, in 2006, the owners of Alpina, Inc has been a relatively small number of families investors. With the growth has been the expansion of social initiatives, which were held in different areas. Between 2002 and 2006, the HR department has initiated a number of measures to strengthen social responsibility (SR) activities and to achieve greater impact. Those efforts fell short, when in 2006 the implementation of a new corporate model, the Executive Committee began to doubt the purpose and scope of the social activities. The case puts students in place Juan Pablo Fernández Fern, who, after three years at the company, has been named vice president of marketing. The Executive Committee has given his office the task of preparing proposals to increase the social impact and Alpina limit the number of resources allocated to these activities. The information contained in the case allows the student to study and analyze the two paths. One possibility is the expansion of the activities carried out by the company before that time, which were aligned more or less with the commercial activity of the company, but as a rule, are included in the value chain. This was the path chosen by others in the industry, and it would allow the company to address various risks and weaknesses that affect the overall performance of the company.
On the other hand, there is the possibility of creating Alpina Nutrition Foundation, which will help to avoid criticism of the benefits of unmet food needs of the poorest. In the role of Fernandez, a student has to decide which of these two areas of the company to adopt and propose how best to make it happen. "Hide
by Diane M. Trujillo Source: Social Enterprise Knowledge Network 23 pages. Publication Date: June 8, 2009. Prod. #: SKE125-PDF-ENG

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