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Mouse track function or figure 02 is the first MATLAB function for this project and as the name shows this function is used to track the mouse movement. This function is based on the loop that’s why we use the clear function at the beginning of this loop.  In the next step, with the help of MATLAB built-in command we get the .tif data or required information after getting the information we read the first image and convert that image into a binary image for further processing and then select those variables or pixels with value 0 and get there coordinates using the find command.We use the mean of both axis for the position of the mouse. At the end of this function, we convert the pixels value into the meter for better understanding or analyzing.

Figure 05 represents the mouse movement along the paths and in this figure, we can see the mouse starting point, ending point, pool radius and path. Figure 05 represents the 6 consecutive day’smouse movement.During this experiment, we analyze that at the beginning of this process mouse takes time to find the endpoint but as the days pass it takes less time to find the endpoint.


The conclusion of the above experiment is that mouse(s) are a great learner because at the beginning of this process mouse takesa great time and covered distance to find the endpoint but as the days pass it takes less time and it also covers less distance to find the endpoint.................................


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