The Role Of Hrm In MNES Today: Google Inc. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The paper basically discusses the role of Human Resource Management in multinational firms which have evolved with efficient and effective human resource practices. The company that shall be discussed in the paper shall be Google Inc. and how it has actually evolved with the different human resource techniques the firm has actually used. The company has been one of the benchmark organizations in terms of revenues and profits. Google Inc. has been quite keen in investing in human resource of the company, and has actually tried to ensure that the employees are valued at the firm.

The major human resource practice that has been followed at the company is the element of building innovation into the job description of the employees. The company has been offering its employees a 20 percent time to spend on their own chosen project, while the remaining 80 per cent will be the original job description of the employees. This is the major human resource practice of Google Inc. in order to retain and attract most talented bunch of employees.


80:20 concepts

Since Google Inc. has been quite successful firm in terms of generating profits and revenues, the major contribution of its success has been possible because of the human resource function and practices that has been followed by the firm. The building innovating into job description where each employee is made to work 80 percent of time on his core job responsibilities where as the remaining 20 percent, the employee is allowed to work upon a project of his own choice.

This has been one of the most highly motivating element at Google Inc. Employees have been quite fond of this method of motivating employees, because doing the routine job round the year makes the employee demotivated and dissatisfied. Therefore, Google Inc. has introduced the new concept which has become a common proactive in other large or multinational firms also (Johnason, 2009).

Leadership Development Program

Moreover, another major human resource function of Google Inc. has been the leadership development program it has been offering its employees. The potential leaders have been identified within the firm that are groomed and looked upon as future managers within the firm. The element of leadership programs have again been a unique attribute of the company which has allowed Google Inc.

The Role Of Hrm In MNES Today Google Inc. Case Solution

Flexible Work Hours

Along with this, Google Inc. has also been offering its employees a balanced work and social life. At Google Inc. another major initiative taken by the firm in order to retain and maintain a balance between work and social life has been made possible where Google Inc. has looked to offer its employees flexible work hours. This actually helps employees to work for 8 hours anytime of the day (Pauuwe, 2009).


Furthermore, Google Inc. has also been offering facilities to the employees which are again a part of human resource functions. The company has been offering its employees salon facility, games area, fitness center, on site clinic, video games, etc. This has been a major initiative taken by the HR of Google Inc. to motivate employees and to ensure a dent pass time when the employee is on break.

The above discussed attributes have been the key success factor for the company in terms of the human resource management.


The above discussed human resource practices and functions have been the key to the success of the company. In recent times, Google Inc. has been considered as the bench mark organization where different multinational firms have been actually looking to follow the human resource practice of the company. In spite of the successful integration of different functions, Google Inc. still needs to focus more on its services rather than facilitating the employees.

This does not mean that the company is on the wrong side, but the only thing that needs to be considered is that Google Inc. offers attractive work environment to the employees which has been an attraction for the job seekers. Over here, the company should look to actually focus on preparing the employees of work ethics also. For instance, the company should advertise the job description, job responsibilities, expectations of the manager, rather than only focusing on highlighting the benefits each employee might get once they enter Google Inc.....................

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